American Built Luxury and Value

The Honda RE is a full power rear entry wheelchair van providing individuals with disabilities safe, comfortable travel in a vehicle they can enter and exit with ease. It’s compatible with virtually all types and sizes of wheelchairs and scooters and can be equipped for a wheelchair user to drive or ride as a passenger. The Honda RE conversion does not compromise the original vehicle’s structural integrity, ground clearance or safety. Every component is built to exceed established standards for a long and reliable life on the road. 

Auto Ramp

The fully automatic Honda RE conversion operates with the touch of a button. A key fob or handheld remote opens the rear hatch, unfolds the low-angle ramp using a electric actuator and not a messy hydraulic.

Many Seating Options

When it comes to seating options, the choice is yours. Choose fold-and-flip center seats or bucket seats, as well as an optional fold-up rear bench seat and/or a driver transfer seat are available. Seating is available in fabric, vinyl or leather, and heavy-duty commercial flooring can also be specified. 

Auto Kneel

To make boarding even easier, this Honda RE handicap vans feature an integrated "kneeling" system. An actuator lowers the rear suspension while the liftgate opens, which reduces the slope of the auto ramp.

Full or Short Cut

The full cut floor is lowered to just behind the front seats; the short cut is lowered to just behind the second-row seats. Choose the conversion that meets your needs best!


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