BraunAbility MXV Ford Explorer With TILT N’ GO Seating

The BraunAbility MXV Ford Explorer opened the door to a new wheelchair accessible driving experience. For the first time, offering customers a handicap accessible SUV that was flexible enough to fit many different wheelchair applications. The new platform gave our customers the opportunity to drive a new form of mobility vehicle, one that was better suited for their mobility desires and personality. 

Although the MXV Ford Explorer was not completely without its faults. BraunAbility focused on creating a safe, convenient and reliable mobility accessible SUV, and without doubt delivered on that goal. However, the new platform could not accommodate the space customers with larger profile wheelchairs were used to in their minivans. 

The Solution

BraunAbility of course rose to that challenge, and found a solution to creating more space where once there was not enough. They have recently unveiled the new TILT N’ GO seat base. This new base will allow our customers to pivot the passenger seat out of the way of a wheelchair with ease. Moving the seat will offer up to three times the maneuvering space within the vehicle, making the MXV Ford Explorer accessible to even the largest wheelchairs. 

The new TILT N’ GO seating is just the most recent of many examples proving the ingenuity and persistence put into every BraunAbility conversion. Whether you are looking for a Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, or the new MXV Ford Explorer, BraunAbility is clearly the industry’s leader in reliability, ingenuity, and Luxury. It is this reason our team is proud to be the premier BraunAbility dealer in Pennsylvania and Maryland. For more information on the BraunAbility MXV Ford Explorer, or to take one for a test drive, call or stop into one of our convenient PA or MD locations today!