Why Would I Buy a Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

Rear Entry mobility vans are becoming more and more popular among our customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans will load the wheelchair user from the rear forward and typically be manual operation for stowing and deploying the ramp.  Rear Entry vans will offer the greatest amount of width through the door to support the largest of wheelchairs for both personal or business use. Second row flip and fold seats offer great flexibility to support both ambulatory passengers and single wheelchair users.  Have a very long wheelchair to support?  Rear entry wheelchair vans allow for the wheelchair user to go straight in and be secured, not having to rotate 90 degrees like a side entry wheelchair van would.  Affordable purchase price and simple designs make rear entry wheelchair vans ideal for business and personal use.

Rear Entry Chrysler Pacifica

Less Risk - Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

As a business owner you want your customer to be happy, so they call you back for their next ride.  You also want your staff to be safe when loading and securing wheelchair users.  Simple lowered floor designs that go from the rear bumper to just behind the front driver/passenger seats provide a natural guide forward making it very easy to drive or push into position with no guesswork.  Since the wheelchair user will already be facing forward you will not have to perform a 90-degree pivot to face forward. Side loading wheelchair vans will not always offer the room necessary for a standing wheelchair design to pivot to face forward in the 2nd row.  As wheelchairs continue to get bigger, longer and heavier, the 34'' wide lowered floor channel provides plenty of width to load and 56.5'' opening height through the rear door meets ADA requirements in PA, MD, and VV but can also support nearly all wheelchair users' needs.

Benefits of Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

Lowered floors on rear entry vans are very different from side entry lowered floor conversions.  With rear entry conversions, the lowered floor will carry from the rear of the vehicle forward and will stop just behind the driver and passenger's front seat.  This keeps the floor up front at its original height and only lowers the floor between the vehicle’s frame rails.  Because of this design you will typically see increased ground clearance and less scraping pulling in and out of steep driveways.  Manual ramp operation with spring assist reduces the effort needed to open and close the ramp system while being very reliable in its simple design.  Less conversion also means less expense at the time of purchase and less expense to repair which is important to consider when purchasing your next wheelchair van. The simplicity of a rear entry conversion is also great for repairs and regular maintenance. Our customers know that in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, winters are harsh, summers are rainy and humid and all that can lead to tracking water, dirt, and debris into their van; the rear entry conversions have very little moving parts and no chain or track for the elements to get trapped in. Keeping the conversion maintained is always important, it is not advised to use the rule of thumb - If it isn't broke don't fix it, even rear-entry wheelchair van conversions need regular maintenance to keep them reliable.

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