Accessible Driving-PA

After an accident or medical issue how do you or a loved one know if you are able to safely operate a motor vehicle? Perhaps you are no longer feeling as confident behind the wheel but don’t want to lose your independence. Or you have not had the opportunity to see if driving as a wheelchair user is an option for you. A driver evaluation will help lay out the risks of driving currently and present options to gain, regain, or maintain your driving independence. There are many organizations throughout Pennsylvania that have trained driving evaluators who will assess an individual's needs, recommend additional or adaptable equipment, and provide drivers training if necessary. Here are a few steps to that may be taken to regain or retain your driving independence:

  1. Talk to your doctor to get a referral for a drivers evaluation. Not every drivers evaluation center requires this, but it can be handy to have a referral.

  2. Locate your closest driver evaluation center in Pennsylvania, if you are a Veteran be sure to check with your local VA Medical Center.

  3. Meet with a driver evaluator for a consultation. A driver evaluator will find what will work best for your needs, provide training, and write up a referral for the equipment that will inform your local mobility dealer of the specific needs. Here are a few types of equipment you may go over, this is a very simple list there are many high tech driving devices in the industry that allow for nearly anyone to safely operate a vehicle.

    1. Left Foot Accelerator-will relocate the accelerator pedal to the left of the brake

    2. Hand Controls and Steering devices-allows an individual to operate the accelerator and brake with their left or right hand, steering devices allow for ease and flow while steering a vehicle

    3. Reduced Power Steering/Braking-allows for extremely easy steering and braking of the vehicle

    4. Touch Pad Controls-these allow for operation of many vehicle features with the touch of a button

  4. Contact Total Mobility Services in Pennsylvania to discuss the mobility needs and any options they may have. Total Mobility Services will be able to use their expertise to help you find a wheelchair accessible van, truck, or suv. As well as what equipment may help to adapt your current vehicle, such as a transfer seat or wheelchair or scooter lift.

  5. Once all the information gathering is done Total Mobility Services will provide you with a quote and can have their certified technicians install the equipment. Then you’re ready to hit the road! Well, almost. There’s one last step...

  6. Depending on an individual's situation you may no longer have a valid driver's license for your state and if your license is still valid you may be obligated to add some new endorsements. These rules and regulations vary from state-to-state and year-to-year, you will want to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles Driving Evaluation Center (one who administers a road test) to see if the new adaptable equipment needs to be on your driver's license. Very similar to glasses being listed on a driver's license.

Regardless of what your mobility needs are there are many solutions to make your world as accessible as possible, more keep coming out everyday. Total Mobility Services in Pennsylvania are here to help find the best solution to meet your mobility needs. Whether you need a wheelchair accessible van, truck, or suv, or installing equipment to make your current vehicle meet your needs.


Call or stop into one of our Pennsylvania locations today to speak with one of our knowledgeable mobility consultants about your accessible driving options!