"Hello Total Mobility Services and Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a terrific holiday!!! It's taken me so long to get a good video because we normally are in such a hurry!!  So over the holidays I was able to get a decent video of Alex loving his chair lift!! Alex loves his new ride so much!!! HE loves his lift and gets so excited when he sees the chair lift come out!!   We are so mobile now and we go and go and go!! Last November my husband and daughter went to a family wedding in DC. I stayed back because Alex does not do well at those types of gatherings. Normally we would have been stuck at home because he is so heavy for me to lift. We were on the go that whole weekend - probably in and out of the vehicle 4 times in one day!!"

What Drives Us?

Each and every member of our team is motivated by the ability to work closely with our customers and help them gain mobility independence, improving their lives. The story above was sent to us by a customer who installed a BraunAbility Turny Evo Seat last fall. We are overjoyed by her enthusiasm and by how this piece of adaptive equipment has changed her family’s and her son, Alex’s, life for the better. This is a perfect example of what drives us to be the best mobility dealership we can, and to find the industry's top providers of mobility products for our customers. 

What is a Turny Evo Seat?

The Turny Evo is a transfer seat from BraunAbility. The seat moves completely out of the vehicle and lowers itself down to the desired transfer level, allowing for a smooth transfer or an easier transition to sit on. Once a user is seated the seat is raised and rotated into the original seating position of the vehicle, all controlled by a handheld remote. This system can be installed in almost any passenger car, minivan, truck, or SUV, and can be easily removed by a dealer when you sell your vehicle. The Turny Evo Seat from BraunAbility is the easiest way to make any vehicle more accessible. 

Learn More

Our team of mobility consultants are always ready to help you find solutions to your mobility needs. If you think you might benefit from a transfer seat, adaptive equipment, or a mobility vehicle, please reach out to us at one of our locations in Hurricane WV, Frederick MD, Harrisburg PA, and Boswell PA locations.