Arms Around Amy

As many of our customers know, a mobility van is not simply a means of transportation. It is a ticket to independence, granting an individual the opportunity to live a more full life. Without one, wheelchair users are forced to rely on the unstable schedule of public transportation, or the expense of a private transportation company. 
The Go-Fund-Me page Arms Around Amy was set by Caring Hearts Ministry Inc, to help Amy Brooks gain this same independence. Amy was born without arms or legs, and uses this to inspire others, through her biographies, Youtube account, Facebook, and her artwork. Her life and positive attitude have been a blessing for many. 
Her family has been using an outdated, non-serviceable, wheelchair lift that they have moved from van to van, and it is quickly becoming unusable. Amazingly through the advanced technology in today's mobility industry, there is a conversion with technology that gives Amy the ability to drive the vehicle by herself. This vehicle would not only provide a solution to her unstable transportation situation, it would grant her a new level of independence that could change her life. 
We are asking our team and our customer family to consider helping Amy and her family raise the funds needed to obtain this vehicle. Our hearts go out her, and we hope to see her driving her own vehicle soon. 
To learn more about Amy’s story, or to donate please view her Go-Fund-Me Page Here.