The Industries First AWD Minivan Conversion

One of the most frequent requests we hear from our customers is for a lowered floor mobility vehicle that is equipped with All Wheel Drive. Naturally users want the convenience and ease of a lowered floor side entry vehicle with the added safety, stability and peace of mind that comes with AWD vehicles. This is especially necessary in our Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virgina climate where snow and ice are often obstacles to safe travel. Unfortunately, there has never been a vehicle on the market that could accommodate those requests, you either had to choose between the convenience of a lowered floor mobility vehicle with a ramp, or you would have to get a full sized vehicle with a lift system. That is until now. 

In 2020 Toyota revealed their new Hybrid All Wheel Drive Toyota Sienna, and now Vantage Mobility International (VMI) has announced their new conversion on this AWD platform. We can now proudly provide our customers with a lowered floor fold out conversion with the reliability of a VMI, on a vehicle platform that has set the standard for the last decade.

VMI Hybrid Toyota Northstar Access 360 Conversion

The new All Wheel Drive conversion from VMI comes on the well known and trusted Northstar Access 360 platform. This conversion has become the standard for lowered floor mobility vehicles, with unrivaled interior space for maneuverability, a 30” wide ramp, and over 56” of doorway clearance.

Available For Order Today!

There is no reason to wait any longer. We are taking orders and stocking up on this new innovation in mobility vehicles.  If you have dreamed of owning an All Wheel Drive mobility vehicle, or ever felt insecure about traveling based on the weather, call or stop on by for more information or to schedule a test drive at one of our Pennsylvania, Maryland, or West Virginia Locations!