BraunAbility Dimension Reference Guide

BraunAbility offers many conversions from many manufacturers vehicles, including Dodge, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Ford. With such a variety of options, we see the obvious need for our Pennsylvania and Maryland customers to know what conversion will best fit them and their needs. Considering many wheelchair users travel with friends, family, equipment, and luggage, not every vehicle can fit everything as comfortably as required, leading potential customers to ask a hard question to find an answer to, “what are the dimensions of this BraunAbility Van?”

Well, our friends at BraunAbility are very excited to indtroduce this highly useful Dimension Reference Guide for our customers in the PA and MD area. By reading this guide, our customers will be able to more easily find the best BraunAbility van for their needs. Please feel free to call us with any questions regarding this guide, or conversions in general.


BraunAbility Dimension Guide