Getting Your Mobility Vehicle Serviced For Winter!

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure longevity in your wheelchair vehicle conversion especially before the weather starts to get colder is to visit your local Total Mobility Services mobility dealership for a Preventative Maintenance Inspection. When shopping for your mobility vehicle, it probably didn't take long to understand the importance of quality of your conversion; it is equally as important to maintain that quality with regular maintenance.

There are several reasons that it is important to be apart of a Preventative Maintenance Routine with your local mobility dealer no matter what type of mobility conversion you have. Every six months a certified mobility technician thoroughly inspects your wheelchair van conversion by going through the following process:

The first step will be to go through the door track and make sure that it is clean and clear of any debri along with checking for oxidation. The inspection of your conversion is very thorough and also includes, checking the wiring, ramp motor, position of the cam, and the hinges and springs. The cam plays the role of ensuring that your ramp is set in the correct position and a very important function in making sure that you mobility is not compromised.

PMI becomes even more important to your wheelchair conversion, especially in-floor conversions before winter. On the weeks leading us to winter, we experience things like; leaves, ice, and mud, all which can work their way into the door track and can cause serious and costly issues for your conversion. With an in-floor conversion, the entire floor is removed to access all of the parts mentioned earlier, if this floor is not removed every six months, the bolts holding the floor on can eventually cease, leading to a very expensive repair. Once the bolts have ceased, it takes several hours to removed the floor and then fix any issues that have arised once inspection the rest of the conversion.

Along with checking these items, the technician will also be sure that the computer is free of any errors that may cause issues down the road. In addition to the preventative maintenance to your conversion, you're technician will inspect any further mobility equipment that you have, such as lubricating your EZ-Lock system or hand and foot controls.