In-Floor vs. Fold-Out

Working with wheelchair vans every day we have noticed that when customers are looking to purchase one, they run into a few questions, one of which being; what syle best fits your needs, an in-floor or a fold-out ramp? Which is best for your family and your mobility? Well the staff at Total Mobility Services put our heads together and came up with this list of pros and cons of each option.

In-floor Ramps

  • Tend to be the widest ramps available for a power side entry minivan
  • Consumer can open the passenger side sliding door to allow able bodied passengers to enter and exit onto the curb
  • Can be operated manually
  • If the in-floor ramp malfunctions or the vehicle loses power and independent wheelchair user will need assistance to get the ramp deployed
  • In-floor ramps require a more individual maintenance in between maintenance checks with a local mobility dealer, more debris can get into the door track
  • In the Pennsylvania winters, sand salt, and debris can be carried into the in-floor carrier, potentially causing damage.

Fold-out Ramps

  • Have a larger edge to help prevent a wheelchair or scooter from driving off the ramp
  • It is unlikely that an independent wheelchair user will get stuck in the vehicle if the ramp malfunctions or the vehicle loses power, the ramp can be pushed out from the inside and gravity will help deploy it
  • Debris tends to fall off the ramp onto the ground outside the vehicle and out of the door track
  • In the Pennsylvania winters, sand salt, and debris can be carried to the interior of the vehicle.
  • Can be operated manually
  • There are more manufacturers that sell this conversion, leading to more diversity in choice
  • The bifold ramp must be deployed to use the passenger sliding door

Both ramp deployment options are better for certain circumstances, however the only way to really know what is best for your situation is to experience both. To learn more about handicap accessible side entry ramp just stop in to one of our Pennsylvania or Maryland locations, and speak to one of our knowledgeable mobility consultants today.