Funding for Adaptive Equipment in Pennsylvania

The question on the back of everyone’s mind when making any major purchase is always the same, how will I pay for this? For many of the products we sell, like Stair lifts, ramps, elevators, scooter lifts, hand controls, and adaptive driving equipment the answer is not as easy as just getting going to the bank for a loan. When purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, there is clear collateral and the process is easy for a bank, but when looking at in-home modifications, scooter lifts, or adaptive equipment, many banks find themselves at a loss. So where can our customers turn to for affordable financing?

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF)

PATF is a non-profit organization that helps people in Pennsylvania, that are in need of adaptive technology, fund their mobility equipment purchases. They offer no-fee low interest rate loans for the purchase of assistive technology, and can even provide ZERO INTEREST loans to applicants. They also provide assistance in finding additional funding resources for assistive technology, and provide people with disabilities, and their families, financial education resources. 

Low to 0% Interest loans 

Applicants needing to finance less than $7,000 can qualify for a 0% interest “Mini-Loan.” These “Mini-Loans” are completely free of setup fees, and are structured to help individuals in need make the smallest possible monthly payments over up to 4 years, with monthly payments starting as low as $20. Applicants needing larger loans can qualify for up to $60,000 to finance their adaptive equipment with a minimal interest rate and still absolutely free of any setup or maintenance fees. The repayment terms on the larger loans can vary and may be able to extend up to 10 years. 

Am I Eligible?

PATF is a non-profit organization whose loans are available to all Pennsylvania residents who need adaptive equipment or services. There are no disqualifiers based on age, disability, health, income levels, or cultural backgrounds. The only requirement is you must have the ability and willingness to pay back your loan. Passion for people, and want to help anyone in need of mobility equipment achieve accessibility freedom. 

What Equipment can I finance?

Nearly anything you would need to purchase from Total Mobility Services qualifies as Assistive Technology for the purposes of applying for at PATF loan. If you need a mobility vehicle with hand controls a transfer seat and power tiedown, PATF will provide funding for all of it. Even if the vehicle is pre-owned, as long as it is less than 5 years old and under 50,000 miles, it will qualify. In Home modifications can be hard to finance, short of refinancing your house. A loan from PATF can be used to pay for Stair lifts, Ramps, Ceiling lifts, and even elevators. You can even use their service to get a wheelchair or scooter. 

How do I Apply?

You will want to first start by working with one of our expert mobility consultants. You will need a detailed quote to submit with your loan application. Our consultants will help you determine what adaptive equipment best fits your needs, and work with you to create a quote for submitting. We will then walk you through the steps to contact a representative with PATF and start the loan process. 

For more information please reach out to us at one of our stores conveniently located in Harrisburg PA, Boswell PA, Frederick MD, and Hurricane WV.