Scooter Lifts MD and PA

A common misconception of mobility dealerships is that we only have products and services for wheelchair users. When in fact a sizable portion of our service is in scooter lifts. Today there are estimates that more than 1 million individuals in the US rely on power scooters daily, with that number growing as the next generation progresses. These scooters are often difficult to dismantle and difficult for many users to transport. Here at Total Mobility Services, we have a line of products dedicated to just that, making transportation of these devices as easy as riding them.

Vehicle Applications

Many users fear that their vehicle is too small or even too large to fit with a lift or docking unit. That is no longer the case. Our providers have solutions for almost every vehicle platform, whether it’s a crane unit for the box of a pickup truck or back of an SUV, a platform lift to go in the back of a minivan, or a platform lift that fits on the hitch of a car, midsized vehicle, or truck. We even offer lightweight trailer options that can be fitted to just about any vehicle on the road today. No matter what you may have heard elsewhere, in most situations our mobility experts can help you find a solution that will work with your existing vehicle and mobility device.

Our Team

Your experience with any of our locations whether its in Maryland or Pennsylvania will begin with a friendly and helpful mobility consultant. This individual will assist you in getting detailed specifications from your mobility scooter or powerchair as well as your vehicle. From there we will us that information to get you a list of scooter lift options that will work in your application. Then we will order the equipment and have one of our QAP certified technicians install the device and calibrate it to your vehicle.

Call or stop into one of our convenient locations today for more information on how we can help improve the range of mobility for you or a loved one.