Wheelchair Accessible Trade-in Vehicles

Like any vehicle dealership Total Mobility Services deals in both new and pre-owned vehicles. We get many of our pre-owned inventory from customer trade-ins. We put together this post to help inform our visitors about the benefits of both purchasing a used vehicle from us, as well as trading in your used vehicle. 

Benefits of Trading Your Vehicle

There are many reasons to trade-in your used mobility vehicle, namely is convenience and of course the tax benefits. The easiest way to handle the purchase of a new vehicle is to trade in your old one. All the legality and the title work is done by the dealership, saving you precious time and energy. Not to mention, the mobility industry being such a niche market, it is difficult to privately market and sell your used wheelchair accessible vehicle. Then there are the tax savings. As you probably know, wheelchair accessible vehicles carry a hefty value, and that means a hefty tax assessment. Trading your vehicle to the dealer allows you to cut that price down, as in most situations you are only taxed on the remaining price of the vehicle after your trade in. (New Price - Trade Value = Taxable Value) Taking advantage of this formula at the time of sale can potentially save you thousands. 

Benefits of Purchasing a trade-in Vehicle

The two primary concerns of customers looking for a new mobility vehicle are application and price. With used vehicles we can help our customers find mobility solutions that are right for their desired application, while also great on price. We have used vehicles from almost all manufacturers including BraunAbility, VMI, Eldorado, AMS, Rollx, Freedom, and many more. That helps us to ensure we can help our customers find mobility solutions that are right for their desired applications while also allowing peace of mind on price point. In fact, purchasing a slightly used mobility vehicle can save you upwards of 25-40 percent vs buying new. 

Our team remains ready to help our customers in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area find the mobility solution that is right for them. For more information on trading a vehicle in, or about any of our used vehicles, stop in to one of our convenient locations or check our inventory out here.