Wheelchair Accessible Honda Odyssey

For decades people have been drawn to honda because of their legendary build quality, cutting edge designs, and of course their track record for reliability. No other vehicle in their lineup displays those qualities than the Honda Odyssey. That is why for years the Honda Odyssey has been a top of the line pick for wheelchair van users, and a best seller for WAV manufacturers like BraunAbility and VMI. 

BraunAbility Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van

A high quality minivan deserves a high quality fit and finish. That is why we are proud to work with BraunAbility to provide their Odyssey conversion. BraunAbility is well renowned for their durability and reliability, making them a perfect choice for this conversion. However, BraunAbility did not stop at reliability, their aim with the Honda was to make the best overall conversion on the market. The BraunAbility Honda comes standard with a wide variety of features like, an in floor ramp, integrated key fobs, easily removable front seats, Cabin and ramp lighting, and Interchangeable and removable front seat cupholders. Overall this conversion is deservedly a favorite amongst our customers and one of the most trusted by our technicians. 

VMI Honda Odyssey

Another great conversion offered by the team at VMI. VMI is well known for their high quality conversions and for their innovative features designed to improve the end user’s experience. This conversion comes on the VMI Nortstar platform offering a top of the line power In-Floor Ramp system and Access 360 Interior, giving it more usable interior space than any other Honda Odyssey on the market. This conversion also comes with VMI exclusive features like interchangeable front seats, more LED interior lighting, and VMI Parksmart a feature designed to to help avoid getting blocked in while you’re away from your vehicle. This is definitely a conversion you will want to see in action. 

See it for Yourself

If you want to view or test drive a Honda Odyssey conversion in person, please reach out to our team of mobility consultants. We are available and ready to help you at any time.