Wheelchair Vehicle Rental Checklist

Spring is here and that means fun summer BBQs, beaches, and late-night fireworks! Getting out and enjoying the summer sunshine is a terrific way to spend time with family and friends. Total Mobility Services of Pennsylvania and Maryland has all your accessible needs covered with rental handicap accessible vehicles. Plan ahead with these helpful tips to ensure you reserve the best vehicle for your family’s needs.

  1. Measure the wheelchair or scooter to ensure the proper fit for entering and exiting the rental vehicle. Take a tape measure and measure from the outside edge of the wheels for the widest width, let your consultant know this dimension to ensure that the mobility device will fit on the vehicles ramp. It’s also important to measure from the ground to the highest part of the mobility device, or the top of the user’s head, to ensure accurate fit through the door opening and while riding vehicle.
  2. Is the individual able to transfer from their mobility device to a seat in the vehicle? Knowing this will help the mobility specialist ensure that the individual is transported safely. For handicap accessible drivers, there may be options available for driving from a transfer seat. Make sure to ask the mobility specialist to see what they have to offer as regulations may vary by state. An individual who utilizes a power scooter should never ride on the power scooter while in the vehicle.
  3. How many ambulatory passengers will you have? Many handicap accessible vehicles have the ability for an individual who utilizes a manual or power wheelchair to sit in the front passenger position or in the midsection of the vehicle. The front passenger position will require the removal of the vehicle seat, usually leaving room for three additional ambulatory passengers.

These are just a few items to consider for renting a mobility vehicle for your summer plans. Talk with a mobility specialist today at one of our three convenient locations to get current pricing, ask any questions, and reserve a handicap accessible vehicle rental.