C-1000 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Every patient is unique. A patient's needs vary considerably depending on body size, weight, level of mobility and immediate medical condition. Bariatric patients often exceed a lift's safe working load. This creates an unsafe working environment. Luckily, Prism Lifts has the answer: the C-1000.

The C-1000 Bariatric Lift makes it possible for caregivers to safely lift and transfer people of all sizes with respect and dignity. With an astonishing weight capacity of 1000 lbs., the C-1000 is the strongest lift in its class.

Providing a digital display with built-in diagnostics and lift counter for user maintenance and compliance. Also, featuring multiple Carry Bar options the C-1000 provides maximum comfort and functionality to the patient and caregiver.

The C-1000 is additionally available in a dual motor system, the Tandem. Including all of the same features as the single-motor system, the Tandem is additionally mounted on dual ceiling tracks running parallel to each other, each track fitted with its own independently-operated motor, which allows a caregiver to separately lift torso and legs. This allows the caregiver to keep the angle between the torso and femur open - sometimes difficult to achieve using a single-motor lift system. Precise body positioning, whether seated or recumbent, is possible with the C-1000 Tandem Lift System, providing maximum flexibility and comfort.


  • Cycle Count
  • Constant Charge
  • Emergency Stop / Emergency Lowering
  • 1000 lbs. scale
  • Four Carry Bar Designs for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Quick Release System for simple interchange of Carry Bars
  • Range of Sling Sizes and Styles for most transfer maneuvers
  • Custom Slings on demand
  • Onsite Assessment, Manufacturer's Qualified Installation, and Training


  • 1000 lbs. (454 kg) Capacity
  • 24 VDC Lift Motor
  • 24 VDC Transverse Motor (Optional)
  • Power Traverse Motor. Activated by User. Weight Sensor cut out at 5.5 amps.
  • Digital Display Indicates number of lifts and battery level
  • Diagnostic Mode Via digital display. Display lower limit switch and upper limit switch errors.
  • Maintenance Indicator Via digital display
  • Soft Start/Stop For both Vertical and Horizontal displacment
  • Metal and Acetal Gear Construction
  • Up to 2134 mm tested to 4488 lbs. Strap Length
  • 24.5 lbs (11.1 kg) Lift Weight
  • 13.04" x 7.15" x 10.14" Lift Size
  • Duty Cycle 1 minute "ON", 9 minutes "OFF"
  • 24 VDC, 12 x 2 VDC, 5.0 Ah Batteries
  • Horizontal Speed Adjustable, 4 present settings