GH1 F Lifting Module

The GH1 F – is a flexible lifting module that is easy to move from one room to another by means of the belonging transport and storage trolley.

It installs and removes itself automatically from the rail system, and thereby eliminates any lifting, stretching or straining by the care staff in the process of moving and installing the lift.

With the GH1 F you can decide to install rails in more or all of the rooms and settle with a few lifting modules that in the day-to-day care can easily be moved from one room to another.

  • The ceiling hoist is switched on by pressing one of the buttons on the hand control.
  • If the hoist does not switch on, this may be because the emergency stop button has been activated.
  • Attach the travelling trolley anchor with cord to the locking mechanism at the top of the hoist. Using the switch at the top of the hand control unit, select the hoist installation function. Start installation by pressing the “up” button. Move the switch at the top of the hand control to the position to complete the installation. The hoist can now be used for relocating.
  • For deinstallation of the hoist, choose the function and press on the “down” button. Wait until the cord is fully extended before pressing the locking mechanism to release the hoist anchor.
  • The hoist can be recharged by inserting the power supply plug into the charge point of the hand control unit and switching on the power supply. The plug should always be inserted into the hand control when the hoist is not in use.
  • The hoist’s maximum lifting capacity will be marked on the hoist, e.g., 255 kg/560 lbs. Note that the rail system or the sling may have a lower lifting capacity. The lowest lifting capacity may not be exceeded.