GH3 Lifting Module

  • The ceiling hoist is switched on by pressing one of the buttons on the hand control unit.
  • The green light will indicate that the hoist is ready for use.
  • If the indicator light shows yellow after 15 seconds, this means that the hoist power supply is not connected.
  • If the indicator lamp is yellow and the hoist is beeping when activated, there is a fault on the hoist.
  • If the hoist does not switch on, this may be because the emergency stop has been activated.
  • The hoist does not need to be turned off – it switches off automatically after approximately two minutes without activation.
  • The hoist recharges when it is in the rail system or when the hand control unit is placed in the charging station – irrespective of hoist model. Recharging will always take place irrespective of the height of the lifting hanger.
  • The hoist’s lifting capacity is marked on the hoist, e.g., 200 kg /440 lbs. Note that the rail system or the sling may have a lower lifting capacity. The lowest lifting capacity must not be exceeded.