VMI iClass Split Platform Lift

The iClass SP model is a fully-automatic, split platform lift that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, offering complete access to the vehicle interior. This unique split platform design is a popular solution because it leaves a clear pathway for able-bodied passengers to enter and exit without deploying the lift.

Easy to install, operate and deliver flawless performance everytime. The iClass lifts provide the most versatility of any platform lifts on the market and offer best-in-class solutions using advance technology to meet the needs of modern users today.

The iCLASS Inboard Lift has been designed to suit VMI’s consumer and commercial vehicles. The iCLASS features an intelligent ECU, bluetooth enabled operation and fully compliant with FMVSS requirements. iCLASS platform types include: Standard (S), Split (SP) and Folded (FP)

Features & Benefits

  • FMVSS 403 approved by independent test lab
  • Intelligent programmable ECU
  • All models standard with 1000lb capacity
  • Interchangeable handrails for consumer and commercial use
  • Universal install kit comes standard with every lift
  • High intensity LED strip lighting to illuminate entryway
  • High intensity LED frog (spot) lighting to illuminate platform
  • Automatic platform reset system
  • Adjustable anti-rattle platform blocks
  • Outer roll stop locking mechanism with adjustable anti-rattle blocks
  • Power pack available as 12v or 24v and configurable to left or right of the lift
  • Bluetooth enabled ECU